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V-Band fittings available!

We here at D.O.C. Race are always bringing you the best products we possibly can. We are also leading the way with industry changes and standards. With that being said, we now offer V-band flanges for all of our manifolds. We have actually been offering these for a while now but wanted to make sure the news got out to everyone!

Why use V-band connections? V-band clamps are the preferred connection for many turbo housings and most any flanged joint. They have been used for years and have proven themselves in racing applications from the Indianapolis 500 to Bonneville land speed cars. They are easy and quick to remove and can be done so many times while still offering a leakproof seal without using pesky gaskets. Unlike bolted flanges, V-band clamps apply equal clamping force around the entire circumference of the flange. They really offer the best connection you can get. The biggest advantage to v-bands is the flexibility they offer. Most turbo manufacturers offer V-band flanges today so this makes it easy to pick and choose your exact set-up! Basically any turbo on any manifold!

Make your install painless, clean and, up to date! When placing your order look for the v-band option in the inlet flange drop box!

Turbo and wastegate mounted with V-band clamps on our E46 M3 Topmount Twinscroll manifold


2JZ Manifold with V-band flanges


V-band flanged turbochargers