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S54 Twinscroll Topmount

I’m just going to place some of our production process pics for our S54 twinscroll topmount right here.


In this case, we are building a slightly different variation of “up-pipe” from our standard divided T4 design and fabricating it to accept the stainless steel twinscroll v-band merge from Garrett Turbo.



With the up-pipe in place, everything was disassembled and the tubes were welded in sections for a re-fit.


Up-pipe sections welded up, a re-fit was done and the v-bands were welded up. Sequencing to the merge collector from Garrett and the up-pipe is complete. With this setup (Platteforme A.G. time attack manifold) we are running a single 44mm outlet merge for the wastegate.


We fit the setup onto the S54 engine and built the dual merge outlet. With a direct path of flow to expend an ample amount of gasses into the outlet, for optimal boost control from the single gate.


Global Time Attack will be one to watch with Platteforme coming for blood!