B58 Gen 1 BMW F Chassis Bottom Mount Turbo Kit

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We've built the highest flowing turbo kit for the B58 Gen1 for the hardcore enthusiast.  This is the only B58 turbo kit on the market that uses 1.5" Schedule 40 pipe (1.90" OD), others use 1.25" pipe (1.66" OD).  This means less exhaust back pressure and much more potential and for guys making over 800whp. 

This kit will fit left hand drive cars only.  Please do not ask us if we will build a kit for right hand drive cars! 

We are currently working on a bottom mount turbo kit for the B58 Gen1 motors.  More info coming soon!  Kit will consist of a tubular manifold constructed with large runners (1.9" OD) that will be capable to make well over 1000hp. 


Kit consists of:

PTE Turbo

2x Turbosmart 40mm wastegates

Turbo Manifold

3.5" Stainless Downpipe

2x Stainless 1.75" Dump Tubes

2x Charge Pipes

Manifold Hardware

T4 Gasket

Turbo Screen

2x Silicone Couplers

T-bolt Clamps

Oil Feed Line

Oil Feed Line Fittings

Oil Drain Line Kit

3" V-band Clamp

Coolant Pump Delete Fittings


Wastegate Vacuum Line Kit


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