Precision Raceworks N54 Street/Strip Inlet System 335I & 135I E90 E92 E82

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Precision Raceworks Inlet system is a combination of impeccable Quality and Market leading performance.


We don't fluff our product with dyno chart's outside of 1:1 ratio to show higher numbers, nor do we use tunes that would kill your car to show high numbers.  All numbers are real world numbers using tunes that are daily driven by our customers.

        What does that mean for you?  You can expect to see exactly what we advertise!


Our kit not only looks better than other kits on the market but it performs better than other kits on the market. 


-Stock inlet is 1" ID in some areas creating a bottle neck and is also flattened out creating more friction.

            This kit is 2.5" ID for the majority of the inlet with the smallest ID being where the inlet necks down to attach to the inlet of your turbo (see options above to select size for your needs)

            The Precision Raceworks inlet kit has the Largest ID and Outflows all other kits on the market.


-Similar kits not only have smaller ID than ours but also have multiple seams which create turbulence.

            Precision Raceworks one piece silicone wire reinforced inlet system has no seams and the least turbulence of any similar kit on the market!


-There have been issues with other silicone inlet kits on the market collapsing under vacuum.

            Precision Raceworks silicone wire reinforced inlet kits have never had an issue such as this.  Our kit was used to set the world record for stock frame turbo’s exceeding the 710+ whp mark without any issues due to our design and engineering with properly reinforced silicone.


-Other manufactures kits on the market cut corners by making low quality  thin brackets which not only do not fit well but also are a cosmetic eyesore when showing off your engine bay.

            Our brackets are laser cut to the exact same size and shape every time, after which they get CNC bent for identical fitment, then powder coated for a professional finish and quality. 


-No cutting and splicing factory wires for coolant tank relocation using non OEM unprotected wiring methods.

            Each of our kits comes with a plug-n-play extension harness which uses the same waterproof plugs the factory used when designing their harness for the car allowing a seamless OEM style install.   This improves the quality of the connection while saving you time and trouble down the road.


Our kit has been tested on and works on all LHD 335i, 335xi, 335is, 135i & 135xi cars with N54 motors.

Dyno results
Our dyno results were achieved on stock turbos in 4th gear on automatic using the following items.

    - Aftermarket Charge Pipe

    - Aftermarket Intercooler

    - Aftermarket Downpipes

    - Walboro 450 fuel pump

    - Precision Raceworks Inlets

    - Tune by Wedge Performance


We have seen 710+ whp with our inlet system on upgraded stock frame turbo cars.

This item fits the following BMWs:

2008-2012 E82 BMW 135i & 135is N54
2007-2010 E90/E91/E92/E93 BMW 335i & 335xi N54
2011-2012 E92 BMW 335is N54