BMW M3 M4 S55 Twin Turbo Kit

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The DOC Race Twin Turbo Kit was developed for the hardcore S55 enthusiast who is looking to extract as much out of their engine as possible!  This is the true game changing kit that will change the S55 aftermarket world forever.  Although we have changed every single component in the factory turbo system this kit will bolt up like factory leaving you with an OEM appearance.  No cutting or modifying parts.  Your factory air boxes and exhaust system can even be used leaving virtually no signs of the kit to the untrained eye.  With this kit you do not have to send us your core to be modified.  You will receive all brand new parts and components.  The best thing about this kit is you can exchange out your turbos down the road if you decide to go with a larger set.  You won't have to replace the complete kit.  

We are using Garrett ball bearing turbos with this kit.  Garrett has been known in the industry to offer reliability and performance in one package.  There's a reason OEM manufacturers use Garrett!  You will get years of worry free performance from this package.  The last thing you want is warranty work which could take weeks, possibly months and thousands of dollars in labor.  

This is the ultimate turbo kit!  It's not for the faint of heart.  If you are looking for a little power, this kit is not for you.  If you are looking for the kit that will separate you from your competitor, this is it.  This kit was formulated just for you, it will not disappoint.  Listed below are key features that are important about this turbo kit.

  • Uses Garrett ball bearing turbos 
  • Uses Tial wastegates
  • Large tube exhaust manifolds
  • Bolts to factory or any aftermarket exhaust
  • Bolts to factory or any aftermarket intake
  • All exhaust components will be ceramic coated 

Below are a list of turbos that are available with the kit and their hp capabilities.


GTX2871R- 800hp

GTX2876R- 850hp

GTX3071R- 900hp

GTX3076R- 1000hp

GTX3576R- 1100hp

GTX3582R- 1200hp

Gen2 GTX2867R- 850hp

Gen2 GTX2871R- 900hp

Gen2 GTX3071R- 1050hp

Gen2 GTX3076R- 1150hp

Gen2 GTX3576R- 1300hp

Gen2 GTX3582R- 1400hp

Gen2 GTX3584RS- 1600hp


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