370Z Top Mount Single Turbo Kit Pre-Order

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This page is for anyone looking to place an order for a turbo kit and pay in full.  If you are looking to place a deposit on a kit you can do so here.  

Will only fit manual transmissions. 

Get in on the 370Z single turbo kit pre order to get your kit 10/1/19 at an introductory price!!  We have been developing this kit for 370Z owners that want to boost their Z’a but don't want to pay an arm and a leg.  This is a no BS turbo kit that will take you from stock to 500-600hp when paired with the right fueling.  With more aggressive tuning and fuel you can see up to 700hp.  The prices of these kits are listed below.  Purchasing a pre-order you are paying for a deposit of $2000 to hold your spot.  This deposit  will go towards the purchase price when we collect the balance of the turbo kit purchase before shipment.  These kits start at under $4500, there is no other kit on the market like this!! The best part is this kit comes complete with everything you need to go from stock to boosted.  Just upgrade your fuel system and you can really turn up the boost. 

  • Fully ceramic coated stainless steel exhaust parts to protect against heat
  • 2.5” Powder coated charge pipes
  • Dual Tial MVS wastegates to control boost
  • Low mounted wastegates for easy access 
  • FMIC with dual outlets to each throttle body
  • 50mm Tial BOV 
  • V-band Garrett Turbo for easy install 
  • Exhaust connection to factory catback 
  • Turbo blanket, header wrap, and other heat management parts included 
  • All oil and coolant lines included

Garrett GTW3476JB (aka GTW5857JB) Journal Bearing 500hp- $4495

Garrett GTW3684JB (aka GTW6262JB) Journal Bearing 600hp- $4495

Garrett GTW3884JB (aka GTW6265JB), 62mm Journal 625hp- $4595

Garrett GTW3884JB (aka GTW6465JB), 64mm Journal 700hp- $4595

Garrett GTW3884JB (aka GTW6765JB), 67mm Journal 800hp- $4695

Garrett GTW3476R (aka GTW5857R) Ball Bearing 500hp- $4995

Garrett GTW3684R (aka GTW6262R) Ball Bearing 600hp- $4995

Garrett GTW3884R (aka GTW6265R), 62mm Ball Bearing 625hp- $5095

Garrett GTW3884R (aka GTW6465R), 64mm Ball Bearing 700hp- $5195

Garrett GTW3884R (aka GTW6765R), 67mm Ball Bearing 800hp- $5295


* This product is for off road use only.

* We highly suggest this kit be installed by a trained professional.

* Must delete windshield sparyer reservoir.

* Factory catalytic converter will be deleted with this kit.

* Factory front support beam requires removal to install intercooler.

* We recommend an upgraded fuel system including an adjustable fuel regulator with 1:1 boost reference for best performance results.

* The factory passenger side hard brake line will need to be slightly bent out of the way.


Test car in the dyno graph shows a 370Z with our GTW5857R which is the smallest turbo offered running 17psi.  This turbo is basically maxed out.  The mods on this car was the turbo kit, fuel system, and clutch. No other mods were done to this car other than tune by Administration Tuning.  


Q: What is needed to install this kit? 

A: The kit comes complete for a full install.  It is recommended to contact your tuner after install but your car will start up and run.  It is not recommended to do any high boost/rpm pulls until your tuner has tuned your car.


Q: Who do you recommend for a tune?

A: Administration Tuning is highly recommended as they are familiar with our turbo kits.


Q: How much power can you make with the factory fuel system?

A: The factory fuel system is extremely limited and can only handle up to 375whp.  Replacing your fuel pump and injectors can get you 500whp.  Anything above 500whp you would need a return fuel system on top of injectors and fuel pump. 


Q: How much power can my stock clutch hold?

A: The stock clutches on the 370Z can handle up to 400hp-500hp depending on the abuse it is put through.