370Z Turbo Hot Parts Kit

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Will only fit manual transmissions. 

This kit fits only 2014+.  If you have an earlier model 370Z you will need to install a 2014+ passenger side oem header in order for this turbo kit to fit your application.

We are currently looking at 2-4 weeks to build time on this product.  

We have been developing this kit for 370Z owners that want to boost their Z’a but don't want to pay an arm and a leg.  This is a no BS turbo kit that will take you from stock to 500-600hp when paired with the right fueling.  With more aggressive tuning and fuel you can see up to 700hp.  The prices of these kits are listed below.  Purchasing a pre-order you are paying for a deposit of $2000 to hold your spot.  This deposit  will go towards the purchase price when we collect the balance of the turbo kit purchase before shipment.  These kits start at under $4500, there is no other kit on the market like this!! The best part is this kit comes complete with everything you need to go from stock to boosted.  Just upgrade your fuel system and you can really turn up the boost. 


We have discontinued the full turbo kit and now currently offering the hot parts kit and the intercooler kit.  The hot parts kit will include all the exhaust parts including the crosspver pipe and up-pipe to connect to a Garrett GTW or GTX with a V-band turbine housing.  It will also include downpipes to connect to your factory exhaust.  


* This product is for off road use only.

* We highly suggest this kit be installed by a trained professional.

* Must delete windshield sparyer reservoir.

* Factory catalytic converter will be deleted with this kit.

* The factory passenger side hard brake line will need to be slightly bent out of the way.