BMP S55 Port Injection Kit

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Running out of fuel?  Our Port Injection Kit is the answer! 

We have developed this port injection to fit the S55 motor that will provide you with the additional fueling needed in cars running 100% E-85, upgraded high performance turbos, or both!


Why do I need port injections can I just upgrade my current injectors like I did in my old car?


Unfortunately no, there are no upgraded injectors available on the market and even if there were the high pressure fuel pump is a weak link which also does not have a high output easy to replace version available on the market.


What makes the Black Market Parts port injection kit right for you?

  • 100% New Genuine Bosch 750cc Injectors (Certificates of Authenticity from Bosch included to verify on Bosch website)     *tested at 43.5 psi

  • All injectors have been flow tested by a 3rd party lab to tolerances which rival top labs in the country (Calibration Certificate included)

  • Fuel manifold designed for even fuel distribution across all 6 cylinders to reduce pooling issues and complement the precision injectors used in this kit

  • Full bore AN-6 fuel rail for highest possible flow and even fuel distribution across all 6 injectors, with 4 AN-6 ORB ports to fit most upgraded fuel lines available

  • Fuel line made by Precision Raceworks to be fully E-85 compliant and providing double seals on the HPFP line connection to ensure leak free operation and simple install

  • Easy to source replacement gaskets (We designed the kit to use the same gaskets for the port injection as your factory manifold for easy replacement)


Our port injection kit includes:

  • Pre-assembled Manifold & Fuel Rail with injectors installed

  • 6 OEM BMW manifold gaskets (For port injection manifold)

  • Serialized fuel injector Calibration Certificate



    • Factory style quick connect fuel line for easy install

    • Bosch Certificates of Authenticity



      • Two extended silicone couplers for your charge pipe to intercooler connection

      • All Necessary hardware for install