F Series B58 Oil Catch Can Kit

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Compatible with both top and bottom mount turbo kits, our unique design distinguishes us from competitors by incorporating a side fitting on the block. Unlike other catch can kits that may overlook or block this critical port, our solution leverages it to mitigate excessive pressure in the crankcase, safeguarding engine integrity. BMW included a relief port for its importance in maintaining optimal engine function, as evidenced by smoking issues caused by deleting this port.

Our kit is engineered to seamlessly integrate with or without a PCV delete system, offering flexibility and adaptability to various setups. Utilizing a Y fitting, our solution accommodates both scenarios, ensuring proper oil and pressure management.  As you can see in the pictures we supply a Y fitting that is capped off right at the PCV cap.  If you are running a PCV delete all you need to do is run a 10AN line to the cap.  If you are not running a PCV delete just run it exactly as shown and is how we recommend running. Through extensive development, we caution against PCV deletion, as it disrupts the factory vacuum dynamics essential for piston ring longevity and overall engine health. BMW's original PCV system serves a crucial purpose, and our solution complements rather than replaces it, preserving engine longevity and performance.

In essence, our system aligns with BMW's engineered PCV system, prioritizing functionality and longevity over unnecessary modifications.

Note:  We will supply you with all the AN lines and fittings however you will have to cut to length and assemble your own lines.