2023 BMW M2 M3 M4 S58 Single Turbo Kit G80 G82 G87

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Powder Coating Options

Presenting our latest kit tailored for G Series S58 powered M cars. In collaboration with industry leaders Precision Turbo and Turbosmart, we are proud to offer what we believe is the most comprehensive kit available. The kit commences with an in-house handcrafted turbo manifold featuring substantial 1.90" OD runners, capable of facilitating over 1500hp flow. Employing Precision Turbo's Next Gen Turbos, engineered for optimal power generation with minimal lag, our Next Gen 6466 ball bearing turbo effortlessly achieves 900whp while maintaining a spool comparable to stock turbos. Turbosmart provides the two 45mm Gen V wastegates included in the kit. We meticulously fabricate 3" charge pipes in close proximity to the engine, ensuring steadfast placement with a welded bracket. Additionally, a heat shield is incorporated to safeguard your fuel line from heat exposure. The kit features a 3.5" stainless downpipe that splits into dual 3" outlets, seamlessly connecting to the factory exhaust. To finish the system, dual 1 3/4" stainless dump tubes exit to the atmosphere at the rear.

Some features about our kit worth noting:

  • We include a heat shield to protect the oem fuel line and the valve cover.  With as much heat generated with any single turbo kit we didn't want to take any chances.  The kit includes a stainless steal heat shield and serves as an extra layer of protection for your fuel line and valve cover. 
  • Oil drain line is made of aluminum hard line.  Others in the industry include fittings and rubber hose that you have to cut and assemble yourself.  Cutting to wrong length could end up melting the line.  Included with this kit is a pre assembled hard line with no guessing. 
  • Our charge pipe has a bracket that bolts to the engine so it will never move over time.  The S58 motor requires that you run a charge pipe close in front of the engine balancer.  To eliminate risk of it hitting the balancer over time we fabricated a bracket to bolt to the engine just like how's it done from the factory.  Without this feature you risk the charge pipe hitting your engine balancer. 
  • We included a printed installation manual that will instruct you how to install this kit from start to finish.  
  • Our cnc fittings (oil drain, oil drain block off, oil feed, oil feed block off, PCV) are fitted with o-rings.  Other companies require you to use your used factory o-rings!

Parts List

  • 1.90” OD stainless tubular manifold T4 twin scroll
  • PTE Turbo
  • 3.5” stainless downpipe (4” for Sportsman turbo)
  • 1.75” stainless dump tubes (2)
  • (2) Turbosmart 45mm wastegates
  • 2 piece 3” charge pipe (powder coated black)
  • CNC Throttle body adapter flange
  • 3” silicone couplers (3)
  • 3” t-bolt clamps (6)
  • Exhaust v-band clamp
  • OEM manifold gaskets (2)
  • T4 gasket
  • T4 turbo hardware (10x1.25)
  • Exhaust nuts and bolts
  • Exhaust gaskets (2)
  • Aluminum hard line oil drain tube
  • CNC Oil Drain Fitting to Block 10AN
  • Turbo oil drain flange to 1/2” npt
  • 1/2” npt to 10AN adapter fitting
  • Stainless oil feed line 4AN
  • 1/8” npt to 4AN adapter fitting
  • CNC Oil Feed Fitting to Block 4AN
  • CNC Oil drain block off flange
  • CNC Oil feed block off flange
  • Coolant bypass line kit 
  • CNC PCV block off (catch can kit recommended)
  • 1/4” nylon push to connect fittings and line kit
  • Heat shield
  • Coolant tank relocation bracket
  • Coolant tank relocation hose kit
  • Air filter
  • Turbo blanket

Optional oil catch can kit using highly engineered Radium Auto Catch Cans.


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