JQ Werks Big Brake Kit for 335i 135i

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17Z/18Z calipers are OEM Porsche calipers usually from Cayenne Turbo from the 2000s. They are 6-pot front and 4-pot rear. Our 17Z kit and 18Z kit will use the same rear calipers but the front calipers are different. (See details below). Both calipers are made in Italy. Our kit includes calipers(rebuilt and repainted with brand new pistons/seals), brackets, pads, Stainless Steel lines, and two-piece rotors(fixed or floating). All parts are completely new except the calipers.

Part Number:



95535142132 95535142233


95535242232 95535242132



95535142253 95535142153


95535242232 95535242132

Original calipers:

We have several sources to get Porsche Brembos, the original conditions of those calipers vary by order. We completely rebuild all calipers and repaint them after.

The difference between 17Z and 18Z:

17Z and 18Z calipers look identical from the outside. The main difference is the supporting rotor. The 18Z supports larger rotors. Our current 17Z kit can only support 362mm rotors front and rear while you can choose either 360/362mm(Stock rotor size) or 380mm front rotors in our 18Z kit.


Model: E90/E92/E93 Non M

Wheels fitment:

17Z kit with 362mm rotors requires a minimum of 18-inch wheels 

18Z kit with 380mm rotors requires a minimum of 19-inch wheels or some 18-inch wheels with better BBK clearance

How we made it fit BMW Chassis

The original calipers have ears to mount to the factory Porsche mounting holes. We cut the ears to make them radial-mounted to our customized brackets to have enough spaces to fit. The most common question we get is if we sell the brackets separately. Yes, we do sell them but you have to make the calipers’ radial mounts yourself.


Our high carbon iron rotors are made by G3000 metallurgy. We have tested them in an E46 M3 track car for 3 years and they work fantastically. The styles of rotors are all customizable. We also have options to use regular two-piece rotors or floating rotors


Our brackets are made of 6061 aluminum and we have options to use 7075 aluminum for extra charges. Our kits are a direct bolt-on, no need any modification.

Pads and Brake Lines

We provide original Brembo pads and SS lines in the kit. However, since the original pads are too thick to cause clearance issues in some cars, we remove the back covers and pins of the pads for better fitment.

Track Pad choice:

Ferodo DS2500 FCP1626h

EBC Yellowstuff DP41473R

Color and Logo

We can paint calipers in any color. We cannot guarantee the color will be exactly the same as the color you required but we will try our best to match. We can also put any logo into the painted calipers. If you want the high-temperature decals instead of putting logos directly, we can also do that

Lead Time

Production time is about 30-35 days