M3 M4 M2C S55 Single Turbo Kit (cast manifold)

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New for 2022!  Introducing our newest creation for the S55 owner.   This turbo kit is budget friendly yet features all the top quality parts you would expect from a DOC Race turbo kit.   Each kit includes your choice of a Precision Turbo or Garrett G Series turbo, Turbosmart 45mm wastegate, DOC Race cast exhaust manifold, 3.5” stainless downpipe exhaust, 1.75” stainless open dump tube, hand crafted 2-1 charge pipe, 4” intake pipe with filter, -6an stainless coolant lines (G series only), oil feed and return lines, and all hardware for a complete install.   We priced this turbo kit starting at only $5000!  With everything included with the kit you know you are getting your moneys worth.


Garrett G Series turbos are making some amazing numbers in the industry but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get one in your S55.   We start the G series kit at $5500.   The G series turbo is perfect for anyone wanting looking for quick spool.  The G35-1050 is rated to make 850whp with this setup.   

PTE turbos are tried and true with DOC Race turbo kits.  You just can’t go wrong with these and best of all the ball bearing kit starts at just $5000.   The 6266BB has been proven to make 750whp with these kits time and time again.  It’s a no brainer.  


PTE6266BB-  750whp

PTE6466BB-  800whp

G35-900-  750-800whp

G35-1050-  850whp 


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