Evo 8/9 Front Facing Twinscroll Manifold

The DOC Race Front-facing Evo Manifold is here! In developing our Evo 8/9 front facing turbo manifold we offer it in a T4 Twin scroll layout that is rated for 1000hp. With a custom D.O.C. Merge Collector and standard with MVR Dual Wastegate outlets, this manifold will increase air-charge at higher vehicle speeds with it's grill facing compressor outlet.

The DOC Race Front-facing Twinscroll manifold is similar to our openscroll bottom-mount application, but now has a T4 Divided merge collector and added runner length. This Front-facing Twinscroll manifold is for the best possible spool and added intake volume to your turbocharger with the designed placement.

DOC Race Twinscroll manifolds have had years of development in order to utilize the proper exhaust pulses to eliminate unwanted exhaust backpressure and vale overlap, in-turn giving you maximum airflow. This manifold is simply the most efficient available on the market! D.O.C. still applies our elaborate porting process to complement maximum flow within ALL of our manifolds.


-T4 Twinscroll

-Standard with Dual MVR (44mm V-band) Wastegate Outlets

-Up to GT42R Frame Turbocharger