SR20DET Single Scroll Front Facing Manifold

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-Open T4 flange (T3 option available below)

-Single Tial MVR or MVS

-Retains Powersteering and Air Conditioning on S Chassis

The DOC Race T4 Topmount Turbo manifold is for the more extreme setup looking for the potential limit of the vehicles engine. This manifold is capable of well over 1000hp and is designed for peak-power situations with the open merge collector. The DOC Topmount manifold can still be used for “streetable” vehicles, but is solely designed to make maximum horsepower and allow you to fit much larger frame turbo’s then our traditional T3 Center set manifold. D.O.C. still applies our elaborate porting process to complement maximum flow within ALL of our manifolds.

Shown below is Ashton running the T4 manifold with a Borg Warner S400SX Turbo on his Nissan Sentra SR20VET.