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SR20DET O2 housing T25 -

New products for 2014 at DOC Race.  With so many request for new products we felt the need to help the market with our new SR20 O2 housings.  Currently the only worthy company producing these are on national back order.  We are in the designing process and will release these to the market some time in the next couple months.  Check back as we will be updating as we move along.   This shows the significant difference in overall size of our housings versus the factory.  Our housings are made of 3" OD tubing.  Factory housings neck down to 2.25"....

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240SX, custom turbo manifolds, drag, drift, fabrication, nissan, road race -

Quite the production and process of building this damn car, so many design plans and counting. Getting it road worthy became a reality just a week ago so here we go… We have came a long ways and are in the “final” stages of the build process. The vehicle is under it’s own power with a conservative wastegate spring/pump gas tune to get it on the streets sitting at 450whp. A lot of adjustments are being made, suspension is far from setup to get the car trackable. No better way to work the bugs out then daily drive a car...

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Back Purge, BMW, Breaking Records, custom turbo manifolds, fabrication, inline 6 -

I’m just going to place some of our production process pics for our S54 twinscroll topmount right here. In this case, we are building a slightly different variation of “up-pipe” from our standard divided T4 design and fabricating it to accept the stainless steel twinscroll v-band merge from Garrett Turbo. With the up-pipe in place, everything was disassembled and the tubes were welded in sections for a re-fit. Up-pipe sections welded up, a re-fit was done and the v-bands were welded up. Sequencing to the merge collector from Garrett and the up-pipe is complete. With this setup (Platteforme A.G. time...

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